Welcome to a study of Vampires. Also referred to Vampyre, Vampir and other assorted terms for the Vampire, usually adopted from other languages. This is not a Role Play or RPG site. It is an examination of Vampires in the modern world as well as historical Vampires and Vampire Myths from around the world. This site has been online, in one incarnation or another, since 1996.

Classes are taught on this site which will give you an understanding of the emerging role of the genuine vampire, revealing the nature and lifestyles of real Vampires in the world today, not Goths.

Classes cover a range of categories, including: Inheritor Vampires, Classical Vampires, the Night-timers, Genetic Vampires, Psi~Vampires (Also referred to as Psi-Vamps) and Symbiotics, Bloodists and Fetishists, Sexual Vampires, Real Predators, Vampire Hunters, the Myths and legends and their explanations, the Vampire Prophecies, the Medical Reality of Vampirism, a F.A.Q. Page, a Parent's Page, and more.

This page of our site serves as an introduction to the world of Real Vampires. Classes are provided through the links below to promote better understanding between the human and Vampiric natures. They also clear away the cobwebs of lies, myths, legends and inaccuracies, which normally surround the mystique of the Vampire. To access the classes simply click on each link to get to the next class in the series. It is in your best interest to look at them in order, however, you may access any individual class at any time.

What these classes will not teach you is, How to become a vampire. It is not something you learn to do, it is a condition you are either born with or become infected with.

If you have questions please read the entire class and then feel free to ask these questions. Just click on the E-mail link. I will be happy to answer them for you. Please understand, I get hundreds of emails per week. Please wait until you have read the entire site, even the classes that do not interest you, then send your email. And please limit your questions to three per email. Your answers will arrive much more quickly that way.

The in depth explanation of the V5 virus is due to the fact that several people have read one or two other sites relating to it. These sites claim that V5 is a hoax, made up and taken from a television program called 'Ultra Violet' which aired in Great Britain. To learn more of the truth, read our Medical Reality Page. Everything you need to understand is there.

We strongly suggest you do not neglect to read the classes titled Real Predators, Real Hunters and The Parent's Page. They may give you some insights you had not thought about before.

Site visitors please note: This is an information intensive site. There are currently over 20 pages of class and other text information. You must be patient, please read the entire site, not just this first page, if you seek information and answers to questions. Please don't write asking questions which are already answered on this site. You MUST read the entire site and then you are free to ask anything you like.


I get a lot of letters saying, "I don't have time to read all this." Be considerate, I also don't have time to answer the same questions over and over when they are answered here in these pages. That is why this site was created in the first place.




This web site is NOT an introduction service or a dating service. We will not introduce you to a vampire. Nor will we give your name, address or email address to a vampire.


The individuals who have provided information for this web site have taken us into their confidence and given us their trust. We will not betray that confidence in any way.

No one associated with this web site with infect you, ''Turn you'', ''Bring you across'', ''Embrace you'', ''Awaken you'', or any of the other terms which are being used these days to mean ''Please make me a vampire''

We can not and will not help you, in any way, to become a vampire. The answer to the question is and always will remain ''NO''


PLEASE NOTE: The above was written approximately six years ago and we still receive the occasional request.



There are no costs or fees for any of these classes. I'm not trying to get you to believe anything, just to know and understand. Approaching these classes with an open mind will help.

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The first class in the series is the Classical Vampire.
Click the link below to enter the world of ...
The Classical Vampire

     1.  Introduction 14. Myths Continued
     2.  Classical Vampires 15. Native American Vampire Myth
     3.  Inheritor Vampires 16. The Prophecies
     4.  The Night Timers 17. The Knights Templar
     5.  Genetic Vampires 18. Historical Vampires
     6.  Psi - Vampires 19. Supernatural Vampires
     7.  Bloodists 20. Fictional Vampires
     8.  The Medical Reality 21. El Chupacabra
     9.  Real Hunters 22. The F.A.Q. Page
    10. Real Predators 23. Acknowledgments & Credits
    11. Sexual Vampires 24. The Teacher's Lounge
    12. The Parent's Page 25.  En Español ~ Introducción
    13. Myth Origins 26. The Vampire Shop @ Amazon

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